Email Campus accommodation +46 381 361 63 +46 922 40 09 Email us for any questions regarding your arrival, pick-up and accommodation. This is only applicable for international students with guaranteed accommodation.

Campus Hall

Campus Hall is the accommodation that we offer the international students. It's located just across the courtyard from Campus i12 and the facilities where Visual effects is based.

The corridor has got ten rooms that acts as the students home room with beds and wardrobes. There are
also a TV room, shared bathroom with showers and toilets and also a common kitchen where the students
share kitchen ware, fridge and freezer.

As a student you will share a room with at least one more person. There is one room where you are four
students who share. In each room there is a bed and a wardrobe for your use.

The rent varies whether you share with one or share with three other students. The rent strechtes between 1 500 SEK - 3 200 SEK / month.

The students are responsible for cleaning up in the kitchen after use and in their rooms. The living
room is also a common space for the students and it's also their responsibility to keep it tidy.

Campus i12 has got cleaning staff who keeps the floor in the common rooms and the toilet and bathroom

There is a common washroom where you can sign up for washing your clothes. There are two washing
machines and two tumble dryers. You buy your own washing powder.

We don't accept family members to come and stay for longer than a weekend if that is cleared with your
room mate.

No pets are allowed.

The rooms has been named after film characters. So you can be living in Norman Bates, Marty Mc Fly or
Katniss Everdeen. The administration at Campus i12 will be organising the placement of the students and
we keep the girls together and boys together.

To access the rooms you will get a key that is programmed to only be used for that room and the main
entry door.


A contract will be prepared and signed upon your arrival. You have one months notice to give if and when
you want to move out.

The rent strechtes between 1 500 SEK - 3 200 SEK / month which depends on how many people you share the room with. Electricity, internet and heating is included in the rent.



For the summer break you can either choose to live in the accommodation provided you pay full rent or you can keep your things in the room you live in through the summer and for that you pay a smaller fee. You will have no access to the room until you come back before the autumn semester.