Email Campus i12 accommodation Email Campus i12 for any questions regarding your arrival, pick-up and the provided accommodation. This is only applicable for international students with guaranteed accommodation.

Accommodation for international students

Guaranteed accommodation 

All new international students are guaranteed accommodation, provided that they apply for accommodation correctly and announce their arrival in time.

The guarantee only applies to admitted students at Jönköping University. Family members are not included in the guarantee.

To be guaranteed accommodation you need to complete the application on JU's webpage.

Application for accommodation is open until 25th May. Please note that you need to accept under Terms and Conditions and Accept in order to get help with accommodation. 


Accommodation at Campus i12 

For our international students who are guaranteed accommodation we can offer two locations. 

Campus Hall is just across the court yard from where Visual Effects is based.

Forma Framtid is about 15-20 min walk from Campus i12 and the school premises.

The rent for Campus Hall stretches between 1 500 SEK and 3 200 SEK per month per person and the rent for Forma Framtid is 3 500 SEK per month per person.

For both accommodations you sign a contract and you always pay the rent in advance.