Göran Hellborg Faculty programme director Visual design - Architecture and interior design / Technichal visualisation - BIM +46 70 630 99 33

Visualisation of Architecture, 400 Yh-p

Visualization of architecture is an education for those who want to create creative and communicating 3D models, 3D visualizations and images of cities, architecture, places and environments along with architects, urban planners and designers.

The program gives you the knowledge, skills and competencies to work independently and with others participate in and manage visualization and communication processes for architecture, urban planning and sustainable urban development.

The training is a mix of traditional artistic techniques and the latest digital tools
for modeling, visualization and imaging. Concepts, terminology, processes and history of architecture, design and urban planning interspersed with sketching, image composition and physical model making. Graphic communication, layout and image production with post-production interspersed with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality.

The teaching is carried out by professional architects, designers, artists, photographers and 3D artists. The training is conducted in a studio environment, and looking like a real work situation you will encounter in the workplace. We make study trips to Berlin and Copenhagen and visit leading architectural offices. Software in education are among other 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Revit, Illustrator and Indesign.

With your knowledge and skills you will be able to produce visualizations and high-quality images of many different stages in the architectural and planning processes.
The profession, as visualizer of architecture, artistic, creative and very hands-on in terms of both digital models, visualizations and images that artistic techniques.

This programme is only given in Swedish. For application - please contact the Faculty programme director Göran Hellborg.