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Visual Effects, 120 credits

No admission for Visual Effects autumn 2019



Higher Education Diploma (120 credits) with a specialisation in Visual Effects. We educate compositors and 3D artists for work in film and advertising.


We specialise in the collaboration between the 3D artists and the Compositors who works closely together in real working situations. Taking this to consideration we keep the two profiles under the same roof; Digital Compositing and 3D visualisation. 


Digital compositing

You focus on the post production of moving pictures in the film- and advertising productions in a creative way also in cost effective and production realistic way. You gain insight in the different parts of post production and learn how to manage the tools you need. For example remove ropes that holds an actor hanging up in the air or produce set extensions and how to integrate rendered 3D in live action material.

3D visualisation

If you choose 3D visualisation you produce photo realistic 3D materials in a pre-set time frame with high demand on quality. The productions you set up can be used as both stills and moving images for advertising- and or film productions. This can for example include modeling, texturing, shading, lighting or animating objects and environments.




The programme is located to Campus i12 in Eksjö. Campus i12 is Sweden's primary educators within post production. Eksjö is situated in the middle of southern Sweden.

The lectures are conducted by people from the industry which also means that you have a big opportunity to gain a big network throughout the course of your education. We have an international perspective through for example internationals lecturers and collaborations with companies in other parts of the world.

The programme is given by Jönköping University, School of Engineering and is located in Eksjö 60 km east of Jönköping.