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Nurse programme, 180 credits

Working as a nurse means that from a professional attitude to have responsibility for the care of people with illness or disease. The person seeking care is always in the center and therefore suitable profession for someone who is interested in people and their lives, and have a commitment to ensure that people have a well-being.

Your future employers include companies in the municipality, region or in the private sector. After Nursing offers Health Sciences addition, specialist nursing education in various fields and Master's degree in nursing.



As a nurse, you have responsibility for individual care. The care applicants must be seen and understood as a unique person with individual needs, values and expectations.

In the role of a nurse is also required skills in leadership, medical and technical areas as well as preventive health care, education and guidance.

The main area of application is nursing but you will also learn medical, social and behavioral sciences, as well as an optional course.

Nursing means that from a health seeker person's life situation to promote health and wellness, preventing illness and suffering and strive for a peaceful and dignified finish of life with respect to cultural background, age, gender, and social conditions. It also means to enhance the person's own resources as well as to meet basic needs.



Courses are conducted with a project- and problem-oriented approach where the student's own learning is in focus. Teaching methods adapted to the course content and the degree of depression and may consist of literature studies, lectures, laboratory sessions, seminars and tasks individually or in groups.

In the laboratory, you train situations that relate to the future profession. The theoretical knowledge of the program's courses are put into practice in that you have 21 weeks of practical training (internship) in the municipality, region or private.

JU offers the opportunity for international exchange in the nursing program.


This programme is only given in Swedish and for more information contact Eva Klangbeck.