Mike Schneider Head teacher IT track / IT security technician +46 381 422 19

IT security technician, 400 Yh-p

It is an undeniable fact that the dangers of the internet increases. There is a growing uncertainty, a growing problem of attacks against websites and companies, an increasing number of identity thefts, hijackings business online, industrial espionage, etc., and all this goes together with increased use of the Internet and internal networks. Many companies wonder: Is our network secure? Is our data is safe or it is possible to scout out and even destroy our work? Not to talk about the safety aspects of vital public services.

Training IT security technologies provides the knowledge, skills and competence to act and react to attacks. You will learn how to act like attackers - that is, break into a network and thereby learn how to protect networks against attacks.

This education is for those who want get a solid education in IT security. It is not about fiddling with computers, it is about getting deep insights into the current operating systems and services, to find and close security holes, to develop policies and regulations to secure work in networks.

It is an education for those who want to accept the challenge that through hard work analyze hazards and protect against them.

The training includes the course "Ethical Hacking". The course prepares for the certificate "Certified Ethical Hacking". The certification is valid worldwide and offers you to use your skills internationally.


This programme is only given in Swedish. Contact Mike Schneider for more information.


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