Swedish film award Guldbagge to former students at Visual Effects

A new year and new awards have been handed out in the Swedish film industry award ceremony, Guldbaggegalan.

This year's Guldbagge for best Visual effects was given to the film Gräns and Peter Hjorth, Mikael Windelin and Christian Sjöstedt from the company The Gentlemen Broncos, TGBVFX.

At TGBVFX we have a number of former students from our university programme Visual effects who has worked with the effects to Gräns.

Simon Bergstrand studied 2015-2017

Jacob Carlsson studied 2007-2009

Adam Johansson studied 2016-2018

Emma Lidé studied 2006-2008

Andreas Nilsson studied 2016-2018

Simon Sandin studied 2010-2012

Many congratulations to everyone who has been involved in creating the best Visual effects in this year's edition of Guldbaggen.