No admission to the programme Visual Effects Autumn 2019

The programme Visual Effects, which is operated in cooperation with Campus I12, Eksjö Municipality, will not have an intake the autumn semester 2019.

The School of Engeneering (JTH) has for many years been offering the programme Visual Effects in cooperation with Campus I12, Eksjö Municipality. With short notice, Eksjö Municipality has for financial reasons decided not to offer this program in the future at Campus I12. 

Eksjö Municipality will continue to deliver the education for all students that is already in the programme but will not admit any new students from 2019. JTH will together with Eksjö Municipality ensure that the current programme students will be able to complete their programme studies. 

Due to that Eksjö Municipality´s decision came with a short notice, JTH sees no other possibility but to cancel the admission to the programme 2019. JTH will now start to analyze the impacts of this decision to deal with the question of the programmes future. 

For enquiries from staff or the press, contact Managing Director & Dean Ingrid Wadskog.